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Friday, July 21, 2006

The Greenwich Shipmeet

After many years of amusing and educating myself through online discussion forums, I've very rarely actually met any of my "internet friends" (or "imaginary friends") as Jason sometimes likes to call them in real life. Thursday evening, after a day spent with Jason and the kids in Greenwich, was my evening for discovering that my "shipmates" from the wonderful Ship of Fools discussion forum are, in fact, real people. Not only real but witty, intelligent, and lots of fun. Well, I knew all that from their online posts, actually. But Yangtze's bra demonstration had to be seen in real life to be believed!! (That was before all the men showed up, when the conversation centred largely around shopping and wardrobe choices -- including undergarments!)

(Photo at left) Present on Thursday evening at the "Cutty Sark" in Greenwich were (L-R around the table, Ship usernames only): Moth, Tree Bee, Auntie Doris, friend of Auntie Doris, A Lurker, Curiosus, M., Gracious Rebel, and Yangtze.

And in the second photo ... Curiosus, M., Agent Smith, Gracious Rebel, Yangtze, trace elements of Shadok, Moth, and A Lurker.

Finally, I'm in this one ... L-R Yangtze, ken, me (Trudy!) A Lurker, and Shadok.

The wonderful Moth and Shadok have invited us to their home for supper and laundry tonight ... they are the nicest people in the world to take in grubby Canadian tourists for the evening! We're hot and sweaty because we went to the London Zoo today and so spent hours and hours traipsing around in the sun. We saw a wide variety of animals and had a great time! The kids are still in good spirits.

We took a few pics at the zoo and I was going to post some but uploading them from here seems to exceed the capacity of what I can technically do on a borrowed computer (I'm much more brazen about one I'm paying to use!) so I'm going to save those till tomorrow or the next day. I'll keep everyone posted on our adventures as we continue!!


Anonymous Jamie said...

Sounds like you are having a blast. It made me think seriously of visiting England myself, but then I remembered that I am married with children and I am NOT dragging 4 kids to England with me, at least not all at once.

10:35 PM  
Anonymous Jennifer said...

Hi Trudy, Jackie and family left this morning and I've finally caught up on your blog, including reading the nice things you said about Sherry and me in the Queens article. We do look like queens in the photo, I must say. Only lacking in sparkling but uncomfortable footwear. The updates on your vacation are wonderful. I'm so glad the kids are having fun!

3:46 PM  

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