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Thursday, November 30, 2006

SSP and Book News

Time for a little more Shameless Self-Promotion, although at least this is group promotion and not individual. The anthology A Charm Against the Pain has just been released by Flanker Press and is now available. This is an anthology of work by present and past members of the Newfoundland Writers' Guild, the group that has nurtured and nourished me as a writer ever since I were but a wee lass. There's a grand collection of prose and poetry in here by the likes of Helen Porter, Lillian Bouzane, Bernice Morgan, Janet McNaughton, Jennifer Morgan, and many many more. What a nice Christmas gift this would make for you or someone on your list!

There are also two short stories by Yours Tru(d)y. The select few of you who have read the draft version of my novel Prone to Wander may be interested in these two stories because they are sort of forerunners of the novel -- they are stories I wrote several years ago while I was playing with a group of characters in my mind. Those characters, some of them under different names and with slightly different resumes, eventually became the lead characters in Prone to Wander, so if you're wondering when that will ever be published and want something to do while you wait, you may want to read "Through a Glass Darkly" and "Ten Thousand Years" in A Charm Against the Pain.

Charm will be officially launched Monday evening, December 4, from 5-7 p.m. at Bianca's in downtown St. John's, by far the classiest location for any book launch I've ever been involved with. I will be one of several writers reading a little piece of my work at the launch, so if you're in the area do drop in!

In other writerly news, NaNoWriMo ends at midnight tonight. I have written a total of 69,837 words since 12:01 a.m. on Nov. 1, and I now have a very-nearly-finished rough draft of a (short) work of inspirational women's fiction, tentatively titled Sunrise Hope. As such, I am entitled to flaunt this:

Congrats to all fellow NaNo'ers for giving it your best shot, whatever the final word count was! And don't stop writing just because November is over (but you can slow down a little).


Blogger sal said...

Congratulations! YOU DID IT!!!!!

2:05 PM  
Anonymous Katrina Stonoff said...

I am delighted that elements of Prone to Wander are seeing daylight. So of course I ordered the book and cannot wait to see it!

Congrats on the Nano-thing! It amazes me that you manage to win Nano (much less finish the book!) with all that you do. You're my hero. :-)

2:23 AM  

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