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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Random ChildMoments

Most unusual question addressed to me so far today (while I was asleep):

"Mom, have you seen my robotic arm??" (You'd think I'd remember if he had a robotic arm, wouldn't you?)

In other random parenting observations, lately I've noticed the kids are paying far too much attention to song lyrics. Since we entered the world of (yes! legally!) downloading music, Jason has been rediscovering his 80s headbanger roots. The other day he was listening to Bon Jovi's "Bad Medicine" when Emma came into the room. Your love is like...bad medicine! She stood there puzzled a moment, then repeated incredulously, "Bad medicine??"

In the same vein, we were driving the other day when the song "I Go Blind" came on the radio. Every time I look at you, I go blind. From the back seat, Christopher's voice pipes up. " But mom, wouldn't that be kind of a bad thing?"

Can't wait till they hear "Hurts So Good." Some things are difficult to explain, aren't they?


Anonymous Katrina said...

HA! I'm having the same problem.

The other day, Mad Scientist asked me what "I'm Not Ready to Make Nice" was about. After a respectable interval of "Hmm....uh..ah...," I finally said, "It's about how sometimes when somebody treats you really badly, it takes awhile to stop being mad." Can't help but wonder what the Dixie Chicks would think of that interpretation.

I can't wait until school starts again, and my innocent children are caught on the playground belting out the words to the above song, including the line about "kissing somebody's (uh-oh)" and "I'm still mad as (ouch)."

Think I'll let Mars explain that to the principal.

9:16 PM  

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