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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Flying Solo, Day 2

So it's Day Two of Jason's Seattle/Vancouver trip and I am coping JUST FINE. With the practical details of life, that is. I got the kids to school and back yesterday, brought friends home for them to play with in the afternoon, cooked supper, did baths and bedtime. This morning we got up and made it to church on time, I taught their Sabbath School class, got home from church, did lunch etc. Since it was a rainy afternoon with little better to do than watch Narnia on DVD and draw and do puzzles, I even managed the normally Daddy-exclusive feat of putting in a fire. Truly, I am woman. Rrrrrooooowwwwrr. (Hear that?)

The kids, of course, miss Jason -- Emma in her usual dramatic fashion, putting her head down on the table at lunch and saying, "Oh, it's so sad when there's an empty place at the table!!" I told the kids I'd probably miss Dad the most after they were gone to bed because then everything will be quiet and that's the time Jason and I usually hang out, talk, watch TV ...

"Watch 'House,'" Christopher said. It was the air quotes when he said "House" that made this hilarious.

I had been trying to look for the silver lining in my long quiet husband-less evenings. I thought, even when you love someone, living with another person always requires compromises. Jason and I have to decide who gets to use the computer, what to watch on TV, what time to go to bed and who's going to leave the light on to bother the other one who's trying to sleep ... stuff like that. So, I thought, I'll focus on the fact that for a week, once the kids are in bed I'll get to do whatever I want. I've got writing to do, and what with the Internet, and books, and of course House DVDs, I won't be bored or lonely. I can just ... do whatever I want.

Funny thing is, turns out what I most want to do ... is hang out with Jason. I miss laughing with (and at) him at the end of the day. So in the short term, that's a little lonely. But in the long term, it's good, 'cause of how we're married and all so we'll probably be hanging out together for the next 30 or 40 years at least. Just as well we enjoy each other's company!


Blogger Chris (mombie) said...

It's hard to explain, but until I share something with The Man, I feel like it hasn't really happened. When he's away, I'm not lonely per se, I'm lonely for him. So I know what you mean about the compromises, and then getting reminded that you don't mind making them. And I agree that it's a good feeling, considering that he and I (hopefully) have long lives to spend together.

I hope your alone time isn't too lonely, and that you'll get lots done so your time with J is guilt-free when you get back.

2:15 PM  
Blogger Jason Curtis Cole said...

And I really miss you TJ.

The hotel may have a cool suite for me to stay in but I'd rather be in your arms, or in your bed, or just in your way....


ps. Vancouver does have internet cafes!

10:33 PM  
Anonymous Sherry said...

Just call out my name...and I'll come running. We could go out for supper some night. East Side? Just holler.

9:04 AM  
Anonymous Katrina Stonoff said...

OMGosh! Is that note from Jason the sweetest, most romantic thing ever?

No wonder you adore him.

Why he adores you is obvious, of course.

Personally? I wish you'd gone along. Guess I'll have to make that trip to Newf after all.

12:36 AM  
Blogger sharon said...

Kids are no problem, cooking and cleaning house are do-able. But you made FIRE. That just leaves me in awe. Humanity would still be cold and wet if harnassing fire was in my hands...sf

11:46 AM  
Blogger TrudyJ said...

Can't do it again though ... I used up all the kindling Jason had cut. We have a basement full of birch junks but I am unable to create kindling ... see comment above about handling sharp objects. You can imagine how much that applies to the ax.

Katrina, he is a sweety, for sure.

Sherry, having you over on Saturday night made my weekend. Not sure if we'll have another chance to get together during the week but thanks for the offer!

1:05 PM  

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