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Sunday, December 31, 2006

As 2006 slips away...

...I'm afraid I have no Deep Thoughts to offer. Perhaps I can compose a suitably serious New Year's post for the first post of 2007, but this is the best I've got to offer for now: pictures of us sliding at Bowring Park today (on the small layer of icy snow that's on the ground).

Sometimes at the end of the year I like to do lists of my favourite things (scroll down on that link a bit to see last year's list)-- books, movies, etc -- from the past year. I'm not doing that today though, because I've done a lot of list-making recently and I'm not in the mood to make more lists. Over on Compulsive Overreader, I listed my Top Ten Books of 2006 along with a bunch of new reviews ... go check it out. Also, in case you missed them before, here are some of my other Top Ten posts ...

My Top Ten TV Crushes of All Time
My 100th Blog Post -- Ten Top Ten Lists

And my Top One wish for all my friends, family and blog-readers for 2007 -- happiness and whatever will make your dreams come true.


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