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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Christmas Concert, The First

I am so fully in proud-Mama mode now that Christmas concert season has started, it's hard to get any sense out of me. We went to Chris' concert last night. His school has separate concerts for Grades 2-6 and Kindergarten/Gr. 1, so we get to do the concert thing twice this year. The tradition for the Grades 2-6 concert seems to be (based on two years of attending) that the Grade 6 Drama group does a musical play with backup from the Grades 4-6 choir, while the third-graders do a Nativity pageant that gets inserted somewhere into the play (no matter what the play's about). Christopher reprised the role of Joseph which he perfected back when he was in Kindergarten, and I don't mind saying that I thought he did a fabulous job. He has such a lovely clear voice both for singing and speaking, he learns lines effortlessly, he looks great in a Biblical costume ...

Oh, about the costume: for weeks Christopher had been bringing home notes from school saying that all Grade 3 boys needed to wear dark pants, a white turtleneck top, a bathrobe and a towel for their heads. I assembled this costume but noted that Christopher had no bathrobe that fit him anymore -- the only child's bathrobe we have is a Size 4 one that both Chris and Emma have worn and outgrown. Great opportunity to buy them both a new bathrobe! I thought, and ended up getting them at Sears where they were almost $25 each. (That's right, I spent $50 on new bathrobes, because you can't buy a new bathrobe for just one kid, can you?)

Then we arrived at school last night, Chris all decked out in costume, to be told by the teacher: "Oh, Chris doesn't need the bathrobe and towel. We have a special costume for Joseph. Didn't he tell you?" Um, no. But now he has a nice new bathrobe.

The accompanying picture is the best I could do with our camera at a distance ... it will give a sense of the occasion, albeit an out-of-focus sense. Expect a similarly gushy motherly post next week when we go to Emma's concert!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I totally empathize with your proud-mama mode. Nothing has given me such a terrible case of butterflies and happy tears as seeing my oldest daughter playing Mary. That costume, her grace and her admiration of the baby she was holding! I get chills just remembering.

3:18 AM  
Blogger sal said...

Gush away!!!

This will be our daughter's FIRST Christmas program. (She's 2) We have lots of family coming to see and I am enthralled that she will be a lamb or a cow or some other animal lowing near the manger. The older kids put on the show and the younger ones get to be the animals. I still cannot believe she is old enough to participate already!

I am bringing tissues!

10:05 AM  

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